søndag, januar 08, 2017

Latvian mittens

My mother gave me the best Christmas present ever. It was a knitting book full of patterns for Latvian mitten.
I just had to go down in my dungeon for to look after the thinnest wool yarn I knew I had. And I found some colours that would fit for my project. Thereafter I had to start looking up the thinnest knitting needles I knew I had somewhere... They are 1,5 mm thick.
Then I could start up. After a while I found out that the needles I used was not good to knit with... Thin knitting needles like theese ones in metal was bending in all directions, and it was a nightmare. 
So in the middle of the night I went on the internet for to buy some new unbendable knitting needles to knit with.
They arrived very quicly, I received them just after two days. And of course I had to buy some extra needles in 1,25 mm too. Theese needles in carbon are just wonderful to knit with, I have several sizes of theese ones, and I just love them. They are expensive, but they are worth every penny.
I started on theese mittens 28. of Desember, and I was finished with the mittens today. I am a really fast knittter , but... hi-hi.. I had to go to work also. But I just love theese mittens, and they are so mine.
I thought they would be thin to wear. But they went really thick: You go on with 3 threads of yarn alle the way, they just had to be thick. 
 The roses is even on the both sides too.

onsdag, desember 28, 2016

Baby jacket in Setesdals pattern

Forgot to put out this jacket I`ve made a while ago. It is made for a boy who is going to fit it now, and he is 12 month now.
Everybody is knitting the Marius pattern, and I have to say that I hate it. So I knitted the Setesdals pattern for little Daniel.

søndag, desember 11, 2016

Sami mittens for childeren.

My ususal pattern once again. Made for childeren.

New Christmas socks for me.

Made myself some new Christmas socks. Started up with a pattern in a magazine, and ended of course up with my own design. It is seldom I manage to go for the originally pattern, and this is one of the times.

søndag, november 27, 2016

A knights cape for toddler: Julekongen

Every year one of the Norwegian television companies put ot a tv serie for childeren, while they are wating for Christmas. This year it is named: The Christmas king.
And some knitting companies takes advantage of this, and make some knitting sets. Really expencive to buy. But I figured out that this one has a good pattern and a good shape. And at last it really warms up toddlers neck and shoulders. So I went out and boght a set.
this one fits a toddler about 1 year.
Even gotits own tag:Julekongen. Suppose that this tag is what made the cape very expencive.

onsdag, november 09, 2016

Baby sleeping bag

My bonus(extra) daughter became mummy in January 2016. And I promised to make her a knitted baby sleeping bag.  She wanted one with knittted braids on...yay...
Started up the knitting machine... with no pattern at all...not knowing how to make the sleeping bag at all. Just started knitting.. 
I thought this was an easy doing..I saw some of the mountains I had to climb along the way. But I did not see them all.
This went on well, I thougt...in February and March.. 
The pattern came out well

Went off for school about two months. Month of May came. And I went to hospital for a minor surgery.After I came home I could not lift anything for four weeks. And then the summer came.

Summer is warm and you do not want to stay inside behind a knitting machine, right?? 
But what the heck, The baby do not need a warm sleeping bag in the middle of the summer.I can do it before the winter is coming and it is too cold outside. 
So in September I was finished with the knitting... And then I had to start to sew the bag...oh yeah...
Here is my cat, testing out the filling, while I am wondering how to put and sew the sleeping bag together.

Sadly no one has ever mentioned to me that I enjoy sitting on my coach watcing TV and do some handknitting. But I managed to sew the bag together after a while. 
It took a really long time for to put together the pieces. It is somehow difficult to figure out the stretch of the knitting and the fabric that has no stretch at all, without any measurement or patterns. I was crawling along the floor foreward and backward several times before I was satisfied.
Got it somehow shaped, and the zippers are on place, one for the filling, and one for to open up the bag on one side. Now and then you have to wash this bag, so one of the zippers are placed for to take out the filling.

Why it took so long for to get it finished???...Well it was not only the summer.
The biggest excuse was the darned holes and gaps the mother wanted, so she could use it in a car chair.
Oh my...I had to make 5 big holes in the knitted piece, 5 holes in the fabric, and 5 holes in the filling... and all of them had to match each other, the baby, as well as the chair. 
So it went on another month for to figure out where to put the holes. 
But at last I did it, I started to cut and sew again (November month).

I figured I had to finish the baby bag before he got grown up, I could not wait anymore. And I managed it. Here I am testing the sleeping bag with one of my dolls. It fits well for the doll, but would it fit the baby???!!!!

Today the mother took little Daniel outside.
Looks like the bag fitted him as well. She told me he had slept well in the bag. So I figured out that mission is completed.

Last to mention is: This is my heritage to my grandchilderen and my great grand childeren and so on... Think this is my first and last sleeping bag I am ever going to make. Today I am quite sure of it, but who knows?
So hopefully none of my childeren are going to have a baby at the same time.

lørdag, oktober 22, 2016

New dress for toddler.

Made a new dress out of some curtains that were way to long. Didn`t want to throw away the fabric, thought I could use it for something else.
 The skirt is still not attached
 Back. Still missing some buttons.
And of course I have to try it on.

onsdag, september 14, 2016


My first making of a babynest for a little girl. The babys mother was very satisfied. The baby slept much better in this than she`d ever done in her own bed.